Rain lights – mandatory from 1/1/2020



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Below is the latest from Motorsport Australia on this matter, and further clarifications have been asked of Motorsport Australia, but are as yet unanswered.:

Re: Rain Lights for 5th Category racing.

Following the introduction of the use of Rain Lights for Circuit Racing during 2019  Motorsport Australia has now applied the use of a Rain Light as mandatory where an automobile is required to meet the requirements of Schedule C for Circuit Racing (refer Motorsport Australia Manual, General Requirements for Cars and Drivers, Schedule C).

Motorsport Australia would like to clarify that in application, for 5th Category Historic Race competitions, the Historic General Requirements regulations (Art 1.5 Historic General Requirements) remain applicable, specifically those exemptions provided for those undertaking 5th Category competitions. This includes an exemption on the use of a Rain Light, except where specific Historic competitions otherwise require its use or where a Historic automobile is competing in a contemporary event.

Whilst the use of a rain light is not mandatory for historic vehicles in 5th Category events, it is nevertheless strongly encouraged to use a rain light. In this respect, the Australian Historic Commission has and continues to review all safety aspects of historic motorsport whilst preserving the authenticity of the discipline.

We will continue to update you on any future amendments or additions to the 5th Category Regulations

Best bet is to fit a rain light for all events  -because it simply makes sense.