Conditional Registration was created for vehicles that require limited road access. 

Roads and Maritime Services will now register historic vehicles under the Conditional Registration scheme, which provides the vehicle with limited access to the road network and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance cover. Historic vehicles registered under this scheme are exempt from the payment of stamp duty, motor vehicle tax and national charges. 

Conditional registration is only an option for Historic Vehicles if the registered operator of the vehicle is a member of a Roads and Maritime Services-approved Historic Vehicle Club, in this case the HTCA NSW. 

The scheme caters for original Unmodified Historic Vehicles (Historic Vehicles Scheme) as well as Modified Historic Vehicles (Classic Vehicle Scheme). 

The HTCA will administer the Classic Vehicle Scheme, for modified vehicles, not the Historic Vehicle Scheme. 

The Classic Vehicle scheme allows the use of a Historic / Classic Vehicle for 60 days per calendar year of general use. A 60-day log book is used for the capture of this usage. 

 A classic vehicle is: 

  • 30 years of age or older 
  • up to 3.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass 
  • not being a plant vehicle or trailer, and 
  • Complying with the relevant NSW vehicle standards. 

Note: A replica vehicle or an Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV) that is 30 years of age or older (based on the build completion date) are included. A significantly modified replica vehicle or an ICV must have a Compliance Certificate. 

LPG conversions are allowed providing it is approved by the RMS recognized Approved Organization. 

Left-hand drive vehicles are Eligible as well as certified right-hand drive vehicles. 

The applicant must be a current, financial member of the HTCA NSW. 

All vehicles will need to be photographed and pictures presented at the same time the member wishes to apply for the CVS. Photos will include a photograph showing the car from the front quarter and a photograph showing the rear quarter, as well as photos showing the front and rear Suspension, Steering components and engine bay. 

At all times the onus will be with the registered owner to comply with the RMS rules and guidelines as well as the expectations of the HTCA regarding changes to the vehicle and complying usage. 

Please be aware that any subsequent modifications to the vehicle may make the vehicle ineligible for the scheme, and / or not roadworthy, and / or may void any relevant insurance for the subject vehicle. If your vehicle is modified from the condition at the time of registration the club registrar must be notified in the first instance, and then any other relevant authorities, to ensure your vehicle remains compliant to the scheme. If modifications are made further photographs may be requested. 

The 60 day log book must be completed whenever the vehicle is operated on public roads at the start of the chosen day the owner wishes to use it. 

From 1 October 2019, the log book will become a permanent feature of the Historic and Classic Vehicle Schemes.  For more information, go to this link on the RMS website 

Failure to fill in this log book will render the vehicle unregistered and uninsured and heavy fines apply if detected by the Police Force. 

The conditional registration will also become null and void based on the below, 

  • The vehicle is sold; 
  • Upon the member’s resignation from the Club; 
  • Upon the member’s failure to remain a financial member within the meaning of the Constitution of the Club or on failure to pay any levy that may be constitutionally approved by a duly constituted Club meeting; 
  • A given instruction or directive originating from a Club Committee decision; 
  • If the Registrar considers the vehicle has been made unsafe or unacceptably altered after it has been inspected for initial acceptance to the HTCA Conditional Registration Scheme 

What you need to check 

Modified Vehicles.
Use the RMS VSI-6 Guidelines on what you can do to your vehicle without needing to have those changes certified by an engineer who is on the VSCCS list. 


If your vehicle goes beyond those VSI-6 rules you will require a compliance certificate and a licensed certifier has to certify your vehicle. It will then be able to go onto the Classic Vehicle Registration scheme. 

License Certifiers 

What you need to do 

You MUST be a current financial member of the HTCA NSW, which is affiliated with the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs, to participate in the scheme. To join the HTCA NSW, you need to complete the Membership form which can be found on the HTCA NSW website at here

Download the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) & 60 day log book Trial Application Guide from the ACMC .

Please read carefully and then contact the HTCA NSW Special Adviser for the Classic Vehicle Scheme if you wish to proceed (email to

To establish a CVS registration, an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection report must be presented. This will consist of a Safety Check, Identity Check and Design Check. You will be required to obtain the BLUE slip for the initial Classic Vehicle Registration application; no matter if the vehicle is currently registered or not. This is a requirement of the RMS and is not negotiable. Blue slips have a 42-day expiry date so you have to move relatively quickly once you have one. 

ClassicYou will be required to purchase new number plates. Your existing personalized plates (if you have them) will have to go on hold or onto your daily drive. The new plates for your Classic will be the white with green numbers and letters with the format of five numerals followed by a letter, eg ‘12345C’. 

To renew a CVS registration, a Safety Check report (previously known as a ‘pink slip’) must be presented. 

Classic Vehicle Declaration

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Application for Conditional Registration

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Change of Records 

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General Modifications 

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Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 Significant Modifications

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