Vehicle signage for Group N cars is as follows:

Race Numbers

The location and size of competition numbers shall be an upper case “N” directly followed by a lower case “a”, “b” or “c” (as appropriate) being black or white contrasting in colour to that of the bodywork, 100mm and 80mm in height respectively in typeset Helvetica Bold Condensed immediately following the vehicle’s racing number at the bottom right hand corner, no further than 100mm from the border of the background. See the rule at this link.

All 5th Category vehicles which have a disc or rectangular background to the competition number may carry either black numbers on a white background or white numbers on a black background. See the rule at this link.

Windscreen Numbers

Group N vehicles may use a windscreen competition number. The number must be white, bold sans serif condensed (Helvetica Bold Condensed, Zurich Bold Condensed or Arial Narrow Bold) and 100mm high. And should be located no more than 120mm from the top of the windscreen to the top of the number on the passenger side of the front windscreen. See the rule at this link.

Competitor and/or Driver Name

No advertising material or sign will be distributed from or carried on any vehicle in this category provided that this rule shall not apply to the manufacturer’s usual nameplate. Motorsport Australia reserves the right to permit also the display – in neat, unobtrusive lettering – of the name of the competitor and/or the driver and/ or the State of their residence on the scuttle or the side of the vehicle.

To see when Driver’s name and Company name is permitted on a vehicle, see this link.

The total area of all such signs shall not exceed 75mm in height and 600mm in length on each side of the vehicle”. See the rule at this link.

Territory of Origin

The territory of origin of the driver may be shown on the vehicle. Each sign must be not larger than 100mm by 150mm and must be placed below the window line. Only two such signs are permitted. See the rule at this link.

Club badges

Club badges of an acceptable motoring club may appear on the vehicle. Each badge must be not larger than 150mm by 100mm and must be placed below the window line. Only two such badges are permitted, one on each side. See the rule at this link.


The location of the battery must be indicated by a blue triangle (with sides of 150mm) on the coachwork. See the rule at this link.

Sponsor signage

There are two areas of the vehicle that can have sponsor signage:

  • Windscreen banner
  • Adjacent to the racing number

Only signage that has been approved by the Australian Historic Committee is allowed. Use of the letter “J” on the side of cars to signify to spectators that the car were based on the original period Appendix J regulations is NOT permitted.

Mixing intrastate, or interstate Club signage, whether approved or not, is NOT permitted. Signage approval is for EACH Club and combinations are not permitted.

See the rules at this link.

Tow point

Each Automobile must, of necessity, in any Speed Event or Circuit Race be fitted with a visible towing point (capable of accepting a 40mm OD cylindrical test object) fitted forward of the front axle and rearward of the rear axle and capable of towing the Automobile on a sealed surface with its wheels locked.

Where a tow point is obscured, each tow point shall be marked with the word “TOW” of a contrasting colour marking the location of each tow point.  See the rule at this link.