Your Committee has been closely monitoring the events with COVID-19. We are taking the advice by experts very seriously, and agree that we need to do whatever we can to address this pandemic.  We do not see this being resolved in the near future - the advice from the UN Secretary General to the G20

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The FIA Motorsport Safety Department has advised the cancellation of three different helmets previously approved under the 8859-2015 Standard due to safety reasons. The three helmets to be withdrawn with immediate effect are the NINGBO HD POWERSPORTS SAFETY PRODUCTS HD128.F and HD315.F models, as well as the OMP GP8, a rebranded version of the HD128.F

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2020 Tyre List

As at 10 January 2020, Motorsport Australia (CAMS) has updated the Group N tyre tyre list. To access this new tyre list click here Warning - The new Tyre list has 50 series tyres listed. These are NOT for Groups Nb or Nc, as they do not comply with the Eligibility criteria for tyres as follows: 1.2.(b) -

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2020 Race Calendar

Your HTCA NSW Race Calendar for 2020 - Click here to see  Estimated costs for the HTCA NSW Race Calendar for 2020 - Click here to see  

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Cameras Mandatory from 2021

On 17 August 2019, the NSW/ACT STATE COUNCIL EXECUTIVE  agreed that, in New South Wales: from 2020, it is recommended that at least one forward facing camera is to be mounted on each car; from 2021, it will be mandatory that at least one forward facing camera is to be mounted on each car. More

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Vehicle Spec Sheet updates

CAMS has updated the following specification sheets, which are located in the HTCA NSW website under  Cars/Specifications on Automobiles.   The updates are to: Ford Falcon XW GT – Nc Ford Mustang Fastback 351 photo- Nc  With Ford replacement block, part number M-6010BOSS35195 is approved for use, in conjunction with MSD Soft Touch rev Limiter

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Sydney Master Blast

Entries are open for this event. To enter, go to Then do the following: You must have REGISTERED A PROFILE in the ARDC Portal You must have it ticked that they ARE A COMPETITOR AND A DRIVER To avail yourself of the ARDC Discount (and the ability to BOOK a garage) your ARDC details in

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