CAMS has updated the following specification sheets, which are located in the HTCA NSW website under  Cars/Specifications on Automobiles.


The updates are to:

Ford Falcon XW GT – Nc

Ford Mustang Fastback 351 photo- Nc


Ford replacement block, part number M-6010BOSS35195 is approved for use, in conjunction with MSD Soft Touch rev Limiter Part no 8728 with a 7500RPM limit. The limiter will be subject to testing at race meetings, and will be located in an easily accessible position within the engine bay.

 Holden HR – Nc

Holden EH – Nb

Holden Torana LJ XU1 – Nc

Holden Torana LC XU1 – Nc


For the 186 Red motor the Ian Moodie XU1 Cylinder Head casting No 2815843 is allowed. The cylinder head may be modified as permitted in the Group N regulations. When install you must include an MSD Soft Touch rev limiter Part No 8728 that controls the engine to a maximum of 7500 RPM. 

This rev limiter must be mounted in a visible, easily accessible position in the engine bay. The operation of this MSD Soft Touch rev limiter will be subject to tests at race meetings.

The EH wheel width is now 6″

See Page 4 of the Specification Sheet